Made of Sundays

Making life happy since 2014

Made of what?

Made of warm sand in between your toes, sweating cold glasses of beer in the sun, colorful umbrellas, smiles, sunshine, reflections in the pool, laughter, kisses on cheeks, unmade beds, the sound of waves, a bottle of goods wine with friends, toys on the floor, slow breakfasts, good music, smell of rain, ironic comments, happy surprises and squeezing hugs.

From Barcelona to Helsinki

We design and make interior goodness with a distinctive scandispanish twist. We are about bright colors, nonsensical sayings, after-work parties, Bill Murray, kittens, randomness and the great unknown. Join us on our journey towards a happier tomorrow.

Lovely door decals by Made of Sundays

Door Friend Decals

Make your doors huggably cute with our original door friends. They are visually so fluffy that no-one will blame you for snuggling up close with your favourite door.

Our door decals work both with flat and panelled doors and we carefully hand cut and pack every decal, making sure you get the best product available. Clear instructions and easy installation makes this something you can do together with the smallest of the family.

Door decals available here

Lovely wall decals by Made of Sundays

Tile & Wall Decals

All of our wall decals in their full glory. Use them wisely, because their power is such that overdoses of full-body happiness and amazing emotions are not unheard of. Our wall decals really love smooth and clean surfaces so much that they can stay there hugging them for many years non-stop. Their enemies are wrinkly walls and sand, so please don't take them to the beach.

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Lovely laptop decals by Made of Sundays

Laptop Decals

Use our laptop pattern decals to give your computer a touch of bling making it look as sexy as Jude Law sipping whiskey on a mediterranean sailing ship. Choose your laptop size and get the decals in one sheet perfectly spaced for installation.

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Lovely lightboxes by Made of Sundays

Light Boxes

Our beautiful wooden light boxes are hand made to impress. Choose one of our pre-made designs or write your own text (cheeky or cute, everything works) that illuminates the whole room with its verbal glory.

Treat yourself

Wooden Poster Hangers by Made of Sundays

Wooden Poster Hangers

Our high quality hand made wooden poster hangers are exactly what your walls need right now. Easy to hang and gorgeous to the eye, their silky smooth touch combined with a fun poster guarantees happy walls and even happier owners/renters. Hand made by our favourite carpenter in Finland, these ones will last a lifetime.

Wooden poster hangers

Baby blanket by Made of Sundays


Get your very own Haru the Bear or Tofu the Tiger as a lovely smooth baby blanket. Our blankets are super soft, really cute, and made out of the highest quality GOTS-certified organic cotton to make anyone sleeping under it feel like the Queen or King of the world. Fair trade, environmentally friendly and superduper soft are the keywords here.

Get your blanket here

What we do is who we are

Our firm belief is that your surrounding also shapes you as a person. We want to create an environment that invites people of all ages to interact and play. Never take yourself too seriously, be kind, be curious and most importantly: have fun!

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